To be able to regulate public utilities, the Law Nº 09/2013 of 01/03/2013 gives to the Authority the following missions:

  • To set up necessary guidelines in order to implement laws and regulations in force
  • To ensure compliance by public utilities with the provisions of laws and regulations governing the regulated sectors in an objective, transparent and non-discriminatory manner;
  • To ensure the continuity of service delivery by the licensed or authorized service providers and the preservation of public interest;
  • To protect users’ and operators’ interests by taking measures likely to guarantee effective, sound and fair competition in the regulated sectors within the framework of applicable laws and regulations;
  • To protect and promote consumers’ interests;
  • To promote the availability, accessibility and affordability of regulated services to all consumers including low income, rural and disadvantaged consumers;
  • To promote efficient development of regulated sectors in accordance with Government economic and financial policy;
  • To promote and enhance general knowledge, sensitization and awareness of the regulated sectors including but not limited to:
  • Promote and protect the rights and obligations of consumers and service providers;
  • Issuing permits, authorizations and licenses required for regulated sectors, in accordance with the relevant laws and regulations;
  • To monitor and ensure compliance by regulated network or service providers in line with their licenses, permits and concession obligations;
  • To ensure fair competition in all regulated sectors.

To fulfill this mission, the Authority is vested with the powers including among others: carrying out investigations including inspections at service delivery sites; imposing administrative sanctions in case of a violation of laws and regulations; facilitating settlement of disputes related to regulated services; issuing directives to the regulated service provider as well as regulating tariffs