Rwanda energy sector development is led by the Energy Policy established in 2015 as a guiding framework of the sector. 

RURA has the mandate to regulate four Energy sub-sectors namely, Electricity, Renewable Energy, Gas and Downstream petroleum, with objectives to ensure sufficient, reliable, affordable and sustainable energy supply fairly to all consumers.

The main regulatory activities in regulating Energy sector include among others; establishing different regulatory tools governing activities in the sector, advise the government on the energy sector related policies, licensing, end-user tariffs setting to non-competitive regulated services, dispute and complaints handling, and monitoring licensees’ performance to ensure the compliance with terms and conditions of their licenses.

The government of Rwanda supports the achievement of the 7th sustainable development goal.

The provision of sufficient, safe, reliable, efficient, cost-effective and environmentally appropriate energy services to households and to all economic sectors on a sustainable basis is mainly prioritized.

In this line, it is planned to achieve the universal energy access by 2024, Energy Efficiency Strategy will be implemented and supply-side solutions to delivering reliable, affordable electricity will be prioritised; and the electricity generation mix is targeted to be composed by around 52% from renewables by 2024.