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  • What kind of energy sources does RURA regulate?

    RURA’s mandate in the energy sector is to control and regulate an efficient, sustainable and reliable energy sector in a transparent and fair manner for the benefit of all stakeholders. As per the revised law N0 09/2013 of 01/03/2013 establishing RURA, the Authority is mandated to regulate renewable and non-renewable energy, industrial gases, pipelines and storage facilities among other public regulated utilities. 

    RURA regulates all energy sources that provide either Electricity or Gas utilized by population such as water, solar, wind, geothermal, biomass and methane gas.

  • What types of Electricity Licenses are issued by RURA?

    Generation license

    Transmission license

    Distribution license

    International trade 

    Domestic trade 

    A license applicant may apply for a Provisional License for the purposes of carrying out assessments, studies and any other activities necessary to apply for a full license.

  • What is the duration of the Provisional License

    The duration of the provisional license shall not exceed twelve (12) months. The provisional license shall expire at the end of the stated license term or when the applicant is granted a full license, whichever occurs earlier. 

  • What are the requirements for the electricity provisional license?

    Application letter addressed to the Director General of RURA 

    Company registration certificate from RDB/Legal personality for cooperatives

    A brief description of the project including 

    othe activities that the applicant requests to undertake under the provisional license, 

    oa timeline for completing environmental impact studies, feasibility studies and negotiating necessary contracts;  

    A statement describing the progress on the project to date, including a copy of any pre-feasibility analysis conducted; 

    A description of any interactions with government agencies on the project to date, including a copy of any supporting documents obtained (MoU, District Authorization, etc.);

  • What are the requirements for the full electricity generation License?

    Application letter addressed to the Director General of RURA 

    Original receipt of the application fee payment ( 500 USD to RURA account No1000006633opened in the National Bank of Rwanda)

    Company registration certificate from RDB/Legal personality for cooperatives

    Business plan 

    Environmental Impact Assessment Certificate 

    Memorandum of understanding/Concession agreement between the Republic of Rwanda and applicant pertaining to the activity to be licensed 

    Power purchase agreement 

    District authorization approving planned activities at the site

    Other relevant information detailed in the Electricity Licensing Regulations depending on the type of License applied for.

    License fees ranging from 5,000 USD to 50,000 USD  depending on the project installed capacity in MW (to be paid after approval of the license) 

  • How long does it take to get the full license?

    Sixty (60) days from the reception of a complete application. The period does not include the time for the applicant to respond or the Authority to request for additional information. 

    Note: More detailed information on the Electricity Licensing Regulations, you can click here  

  • What are the Classes of Electrical Installation Permits issued by RURA?

    Class A: For electrical installation of residential premises not exceeding five bedrooms and reparations on equipment of up to 230V;

     Class B: For electrical installation in multi- storied buildings, other big bungalows and mansions of complex design and commercial buildings, installation of light plants up to a level of 400V and any work under Class A;

    Class C: For Low voltage and medium voltage connections up to 30kV and any work under Class B;

    Class D: For electrical installation systems designs and Installation in specialized fields like switchgear, Centralized heating, refrigeration, and generator sets and solar systems;

     Class Z: For installation of any plants up to and including high voltage (70kV and above).

  • How to apply for electrical installation permit?

    A complete filled application form (available at RURA reception or RURA website) 

    Payment receipt of the application fee of 25000Frw to RURA account 1301054998 at COGEBANK;

    Notarized copies of all academic qualifications and/or certificates;

    A detailed and updated CV;

    Company registration certificate ( For a company);

    The power of attorney ( if the owner of the company is not the one representing the company for this exercise)

    Recommendations ( if any);

    Copy of ID or Passport

    Note:The application fee is the same for both individual and company. For a single application, the application fee is only 25000frw even if the applicant is applying for more than one class. If the applicant wishes to apply as an individual and company, he/must submit two separates applications.

  • What is the process for getting the permit?

    The applicant needs to sit for written and/or oral examinations to ascertain that he/she is qualified to undertake the electrical installations works applied for. 

  • How to know the schedule of the examinations?

    The schedule of the examinations will be communicated through media (both public &private radios and newspapers) and by phone calls/messages as well as RURA website and its Social Media.

  • What is the duration of the electrical installation permit?

    The permit is for 3 years renewable

  • What is the duration of the electrical installation permit?

    The permit is for 3 years renewable

  • Are there other required fees?

    Yes, the applicant that has succeeded the examination will be required to pay the license fee for the class as follows:

    ClassesPERSON (Rwf)COMPANY (Rwf)
    Class A30,000100,000
    Class B100,000300,000
    Class C180,000500,000
    Class D100,000300,000
    Class Z250,000800,000
  • How to access the list of licensed electricians?

    The list of licensed electricians can be accessed on

    Note: Detailed information on the Electrical Installations Regulations can be accessed by clicking here

  • What type of licenses are issued by RURA in downstream petroleum sub/sector?

    License for Liquefied Petroleum Gas Business (LPG) for Importation, Transportation, Cylinder filling, Distribution, Bulk storage, Wholesale, Retail of LPG 

    Installation license for construction of a LPG Plant.

    Installation License for Petrol Service Station

    Retail License for Petrol Service Station

    Installation license for Construction of Oil Depots / Petroleum Terminals

    Operational License for Petroleum Depots

    License for Transportation and Distribution of fuel products

    License for importation of petroleum products

  • What are the Downstream Petroleum-related Regulations in place?

    Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) Regulations 2012, which can be accessed here  

    Aboveground Petroleum Storage Facilities (APSFs) Regulations 2012, which can be accessed by clicking here 

    Petrol Service Stations Regulations 2014, which can be accessed by clicking here 

  • What are the regulatory requirements for the LPG in Rwanda?

    3.1.License  for construction, re-allocation or Authorization for upgrade of a LPG Plant

    Application letter to the Director General

    Certified copy of the land title  / land lease agreement 

    Copy of Certificate of business registration /company incorporation issued by RDB

    Copy of the Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) from the issuing Authority

    Detailed design indicating the exact location of LPG facilities with relation to the neighborhood environment and the plant machinery specifications

    Business plan for the project of construction of a LPG Plant  

    Copy of a LPG Business License (where applicable)

    License Fees for Construction of LPG facility, which is 1,000,000 Frw

    3.2.License for LPG business (importation, transportation,  storage, distribution, wholesale and retail sale)

    Certified copy of business registration /Company incorporation

    Certified copy of the storage / warehouse lease agreement 

    Business plan for five years

    Technical specifications of LPG cylinders and accessories

    Certified copy of LPG supply agreement with a licensed importer or wholesaler 

    Any other conditions as deemed necessary by the Regulatory Authority 

    Application Fees for LPG Business, which is 35,000 Frw

    License fees for Importation, Transportation, Storage, Distribution and Wholesale (1,000,000 Frw)

  • Licenses for Petrol Service Stations (Installation and Operation Licenses)

    4.1.What are the requirements for an “Installation License” for Petrol Service Station?

    Application letter addressed to the Director General of RURA

    A copy of the  building permit issued by One Stop Center  - Local Authority 

    A copy of An Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) Certificate issued by Rwanda Development Board (RDB);

    A copy of the business registration / incorporation certificate from RDB;

    Land documents delivered by the local Competent Authority;

    Detailed designs & Site layout indicating location of station facilities and adjacent properties, including sensitive areas and main roads;

    Bank payment proof / slip of an Application fee of 100 USD deposited to RURA Account No: 1000006633 opened in BNR.

    Installation License fees of 100 USD and valid for 3 years

    4.2.What are the requirements for an “Operation / Retail License” for Petrol Service Station?

    Application letter addressed to the Director General of RURA

    A copy of the Installation license (where applicable); 

    A copy of a valid “Oil Supply Agreement” with a person or company licensed to undertake wholesale business in petroleum;

    A business registration certificate from RDB specifying that retail of fuel is among business to carry out.

    Business Plan for five (5 )years;

    Bank payment proof / slip of an Application fee of 100 USD (deposited to RURA Account 1000006633 opened in BNR. 

    Operation License Fees is 1,000 USD and Validity of 5 years

    Any other additional information that may be necessary to enable the Regulatory Authority to make a decision regarding the issuing of the installation or operation / retail license

  • What are the requirements for a Construction permit for Oil Depot / Petroleum Terminal?

    Application letter addressed to the Director General of RURA

    An Environmental  Impact Assessment Certificate issued by Rwanda Development Board (RDB) 

    Construction permit issued by local competent Authority

    Project feasibility Study including a business plan

    A copy of approved drawings in accordance with  the local  Building Codes of Rwanda, National or International Standards on Petroleum infrastructures  with specifications and plans indicating :

    i.The facility to be licensed, giving particulars of the equipments’ specifications and construction materials; 

    ii.The location of the facility in relation to adjoining property including distances from neighboring infrastructures and sensitive areas;

    iii.The installation and capacity of all tanks, storage sheds, the position of all buildings, and nearby structures, pipelines network, parking yards, bund walls loading and off-loading gantries, and any other works within the installation in which petroleum products are to be passed through or stored;

    iv.All lighting arrangements including the position of electric cables, switches, and fuse boxes, draining system, water connections, fire hydrants and firefighting appliances, and any other precision that may be specified by the Regulatory Authority;

    v.Safety Control Systems including operations monitoring systems (where applicable);

    vi.Any other requirement as may be specified by the Regulatory Authority

  • What are the requirements for a operation License for Oil Depot / Petroleum Terminal?

    Application letter addressed to Director General of RURA

    A copy of certificate of approval of calibration issued by Rwanda Standards Board (RSB) after 

    A copy of Installation License

    The Operation License fee shall be determined by the Regulatory Authority

    A license under these Regulations shall be valid for a period not exceeding 15 year in the case of operating the APSF. 

  • What are the requirements for a License / Authorization for transportation of petroleum products?

    Application letter addressed to Director General of RURA

    Copy of vehicle identification

    Copy of vehicle inspection certificate

    Copy of insurance of vehicle

    Copy of company registration issued by RSB

    *Application and license fee to be determined once Regulations on Road tankers are in place.

  • What is the capacity of Lake Kivu methane gas reserves?

    Lake Kivu methane gas reserves are estimated at around 55 billion cubic meters with an estimated renewal rate of about 120 million cubic meters every year

  • What are the ongoing methane-to-electrical power projects and their capacities?

    Kibuye Power (KP1) pilot project generating around 3 MW of electrical power;  

    KivuWatt project, a subsidiary of Contour Global (US-based Company) plans to generate 100MW in two phases with 25 MW in the first phase and 75 MW for the second phase;

    SYMBION company is planning to generate 50 MW.