RURA and Moroccan Nuclear safety regulator sign a MoU for Bilateral Cooperation

May 08, 2019: Rwanda Utilities Regulatory Authority(RURA) signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the Moroccan Agency for Nuclear and Radiological Safety and Security (AMSSNuR) that will facilitate the mutual cooperation and continued exchange of information pertaining to the regulatory matters and of standards required for the regulation of safety, security, and environmental impact of nuclear facilities.

The signed Memorandum of Understanding is to facilitate the collaboration between the RURA and AMSSNuR in the areas of nuclear and radiological safety and security regulations, radioactive waste management and spent fuel management, Emergency preparedness and response, capacity building and facilitation of attachment of the staff and to organize and host national and international meetings.

Speaking after the signing of the cooperation agreement, the Director General of AMSSNuR Dr. Khammar MRABIT stated that nuclear safety industry encompasses more opportunities for strengthening the signed cooperation.

"There is growing use of ionizing radiation in medical practices in the two countries, and here we can share a lot of experience and exchange information so as to improve the safety of the patients, the safety of the environment and the entire society in general," DG Dr. MRABIT of AMSSNuR indicated.

"We in our field of radiation safety and security we shall do our part together and we are committed to share with you what we have and what we did; and to learn from you," DG Dr. MRABIT pointed out.

It is also noted that the Signed Memorandum of Understanding for bilateral cooperation stresses the mutual interest for both RURA and AMSSNuR in pursuing cooperation in the area of nuclear energy use for peaceful purposes.

RURA Director General, Patrick Nyirishema commended Moroccan Agency for Nuclear and Radiological Safety and Security achievements in the industry; as an experienced body in radiation protection from the African continent.

"There is a lot to learn from their experience in terms of building the capabilities in the country and at an institutional level," Said RURA DG Patrick Nyirishema.

"We can also work with other regulators across Africa and strengthen this field of radiation protection and nuclear security within Africa and have a bigger voice on the global level," Indicated DG Nyirishema.

The Signed Memorandum of Understanding for bilateral cooperation is the first of its kind to be signed between RURA and an African country, and for Morocco Rwanda becomes the second African Country after Mauritania.

For AMSSNuR similar MoUs were signed with USA, France, Russia, Spain and other western countries.

Since previous years Rwanda and Morocco are enjoying a high level bilateral cooperation and diplomatic relations.

The Law N°59/2017 of 24/1/2018 Governing Radiation Protection in Rwanda, especially Article 4, gives RURA the mandate to regulate radiation materials including nuclear energy.

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