Active Mobile Telephone Subscriptions as of January 2019

The total number of active mobile telephone subscriptions (90-days revenue generating subscribers) in Rwanda decreased by 0.4% from December 2018 to January of the year 2019. As a result, the mobile-cellular telephone subscriptions per 100 inhabitants decreased by 2.2% from 82.1% to 79.9%. 

This decrease is attributed to the new projected population of 12,089,721 for 2018 that was used compared to the population projection for 2017 and some customers on Airtel/Tigo continue to dropping one line on either former Tigo or Airtel network. 

Postpaid subscriptions increased from 59,985 at the end of December-2018 to 66,946 at the end of January-2019, and the prepaid subscriptions decreased from 9,640,624 at the end of December-2018 to 9,595,647 as of January-2019.

You can find here the full report