Tips for using cooking gas in Rwanda

Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) is considered as the most efficient cooking gas used for cooking purpose at home.  

The government of Rwanda is encouraging the population to embrace the use of cooking gas as an efficient and affordable source of energy for cooking compared with other sources of energy like firewood and charcoals. 

Liquefied Petroleum Gas(LPG) is very important as it can cook faster than any other source of energy. LPG is convenient and safe to use; it is environment friendly as it can help decrease the greenhouse gas emission by up to 70% and it is clean to use as it is easy to store an LPG cylinder in the kitchen and does not produce ashes, soot or harmful smoke. 

LPG is an economical fuel. It is Cheaper than firewood and charcoal for cooking purposes.

From the LPG importers to the dealers up to consumers for cooking purpose, here are tips for ensuring LPG security and safety: 


1.Ensure that filled LPG cylinders are transported in upright position; 

2. Ensure that the cylinder is stored in upright (vertical) position at all times, in an area that is adequately ventilated. The cylinders shall be kept outdoors, away from sources of heat, whether in use, or spare; 

3. The cylinder shall be stored in a secure location to protect against falling, tip over or damage; 4. The hose connecting LPG cylinder and cooker shall be in good condition and not passing through hot medium during cooking; 

5. LPG users shall always check the followings: 

-The LPG cylinder valve and regulator are in good condition and closed properly to the cylinder to avoid LPG leakage; 

- The hose connecting LPG cylinder and cooker are closed properly on regulator and damaged one should be replaced to avoid the leakage; 

-LPG cylinder unified valve is in good condition. 

6. After cooking, it is essential that you check if the cylinder is stored safely (full or empty) away from any source of heat and its valve is well closed.

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