RURA Regulatory Board Members visit some key projects in Energy and Water Sector across the country

13 January 2022: RURA's Regulatory Board Members and some Senior Management Staff start a three-day field visit around the country to witness the daily operations of some key energy and water projects, and the reality on the ground vis-à-vis the adopted regulations.

Some big facilities include the Kigali Water treatment plant located in Bugesera Distrcict, Rusororo Fuel depots located in Gasabo ditsrict; Shema lake Kivu Methane Gas power plant, Gisenyi hydropower plant and Gihira water treatment plant, all located in Rubavu district as well as the Hakan Peat-fired power plant located in Gisagara district.

Speaking during the tour, Dr Ignace Gatare, the Chairperson for RURA Regulatory Board commended the management of the visited projects for the spirit of keeping the competent quality and high standard for their product with regards to the adopted regulations.

"As members of RURA regulatory Board, we decided to make a such kind of field visit as practice; we go on the field and interact with the stakeholders, we go on site and see the infrastructures instead of receiving explanations and very nice pictures only. We found that when we associate with the regulatory framework, the documentation to the thinking of people, the sight and the environment, we found it real do it better that doing it as a paper work", Indicated Dr Gatare.

The Kigali water treatment plant located in Bugesera district has the capacity to produce 40,000 m3 per day; 30,000m3 are distributed in the City of Kigali and the remaining 10,000m3 are dispatched in Bugesera District.

The Rusororo Fuel Depots have the capacity to store 66 million litres, and there are plans to continue increase its storage capacity.

The Shema Power Lake Kivu (SPLK) and Methane Gas Power Plant that is expected to produce 56 MW by the end of this year; and 14 MW of the total capacity (56MW) are projected to be available between April and May 2022.

The Gisenyi Hydro-Power Plant, which dated 1957 has the capacity to generate 1,7 MW, while the Gihira water treatment plant has the capacity to produce 23,000 m3 per day.

The Hakan peat-fired to power plant located in Gisagara district which is now generating 35 MW of its total capacity (70 MW), and is set to be fully operational in the coming days.

The tour lasted three days, from 13rd to 15th January, 2022.

you can access here the short video highlighting the entire visit, also here you can find pictures for the tour.